• Dear users: In order to get your purchase fast, please read the following notes carefully before trading:

  • 尊敬的用户:为了您的购买可以快速到账,请在交易前仔细阅读以下注意事项:

  • Buyers and sellers are real-name certified merchants, and provide a deposit, you can buy with confidence;
  • 买卖商户均为实名认证商户,并提供保证金,可放心购买;
  • Merchant processing time 9:00 - 18:00 non-processing time orders will start processing at 9:00 the next day, generally within 2 hours after the order will be completed, the maximum time will not exceed 24 hours. Please complete the payment within 30 minutes after the order is placed, otherwise it will be delayed;
  • 商家处理时间9:00 - 18:00非处理时间的订单会在第二天9:00开始处理,一般接单后2小时内会完成交易,最长时间不会超过24小时。请在下单后30分钟内完成付款,否则会延时到账;
  • It is forbidden to use third-party transfer such as WeChat, Alipay, others to pay, ATM and counter transfer. Please use my bank card to send money by mobile banking or online banking. Any other method of remittance will cause delay processing;
  • 禁止使用微信、支付宝、他人代付、ATM及柜台转账等第三方转账请使用本人绑定的银行卡通过手机银行或网银进行汇款,其他任何方式汇款都会造成延时处理;
  • If your transaction is not processed within 24 hours, please contact the online customer service registration, there will be someone to contact you within 24 hours, please keep the mobile phone unblocked;
  • 如果你的交易24小时内没有处理,请联系在线客服登记,会有专人24小时内与您联系,请保持手机畅通;


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可得 {{sprice*snum}} USDT


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